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Different sectors have different needs. 

We'll help you understand how AI can help in your landscape. 

AI will streamline all sectors...

From estate agents  to football clubs, we believe almost every sector, industry and business will adopt AI within the next 24 months. 

We operate across a wide range of clients, each one brining it's own specific pain points and each landscape requiring different tools and solutions. 

Below you can find more information about just some of the sectors we currently operate in.  

If you're looking for a team of experienced, multilingual strategists who can help you harness the power of AI and machine learning we can help you. 

Modern Architecture

Sectors we operate in

Medical, vetinary and fitness.

From practice marketing to  patient monitoring, and drug discovery using AI-powered tools. Our expertise can help healthcare organisations streamline their processes and improve patient outcomes.


We can help with fraud detection and prevention, credit risk assessment, and financial analysis. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we can provide customized solutions for investment strategies and portfolio optimization.


We can help with demand forecasting, customer profiling, and personalized recommendations. Our AI-based solutions can help retailers enhance their marketing strategies, optimize pricing, and improve supply chain management.


Quality control, predictive maintenance, and supply chain management. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we can analyze large volumes of data to detect anomalies and predict equipment failure, minimizing downtime and improving production efficiency.


Student performance prediction, personalized learning, and automated grading. Our AI-based solutions can help educators optimize teaching strategies and provide personalized feedback to students, enhancing the learning experience.


Route optimization, demand forecasting, and predictive maintenance. By leveraging real-time data and machine learning algorithms, we can help transportation companies improve their service quality and reduce operational costs.


From enabling estate agents to  adopt AI-powered chatbots for customer inquiries to  surveyors using machine learning algorithms to analyze property data. We help property professionals succeed in today's dynamic market.

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