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Ai for recruitment consultancies

Ai is changing the way businesses and candidates are building relationships. We'll help you stay ahead

Streamline your consultancy with Ai 

Discover top talent with Ai-driven recruitment solutions

Our team of Ai experts understand the unique challenges faced by recruitment consultants and utilise cutting-edge AI technology to revolutionise your candidate sourcing and screening processes.



We'll increase efficiency with  ..

  • Intelligent candidate matching algorithms that identify top talent based on skill sets, experience, and cultural fit

  • Automated resume parsing and analysis to save time on manual data entry

  • Sentiment analysis tools to gauge candidate engagement during interviews

  • Predictive analytics to forecast candidate success within specific roles


By leveraging  AI-powered solutions, you'll be able to find the best candidates faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Modern Architecture

Streamlined business operations with Ai-driven solutions

Enhance your recruitment consultancy with bespoke Ai-powered services

We offer tailored business support services enhanced by AI technology specifically designed for recruitment consultants.


These include:

  • CRM setup and management using intelligent automation

  • Invoicing and expense tracking powered by machine learning algorithms

  • Contract preparation and management with smart document analysis

  • Compliance checks and documentation using AI-based risk assessment tools

  • Onboarding support for new employees through automated workflows


Our bespoke, Ai-driven solutions ensure that your business runs smoothly, enabling you to concentrate on providing exceptional service to your clients.

Consultancies that harness Ai to optimise their recruitment process will lead the industry, fast.

Boost Your Online Presence with Our AI-Focused Digital Marketing Expertise

In today's digital age, a strong online presence is essential for any successful recruitment business. Our digital marketing services leverage the power of AI to help you stand out from the competition by:


  • Developing a professional, mobile-responsive website optimised for search engines using AI-powered SEO tools

  • Creating engaging content that showcases your expertise through natural language generation (NLG) technology

  • Implementing advanced SEO strategies driven by machine learning algorithms to improve your search engine rankings

  • Managing your social media channels using smart content curation tools for increased visibility and engagement

  • Running targeted email marketing campaigns powered by predictive analytics

With our AI-focused digital marketing strategies, you'll attract more clients and candidates, driving growth for your recruitment business.


Digital marketing strategies leveraging Ai for your recruitment business

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The delegAite process

 Step 1:   Discovery 

We'll start with a discovery call to understand your business, goals, and current challenges. This helps us tailor our approach and focus on the areas where AI can bring the most value.

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