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We help businesses utilise their data & implement Ai*

*we don't help them get rid of humans.

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We love humans,

Honestly, some of our favourite people are humans....
We love humans so much,  we want to make sure they spend time doing work they enjoy. 

We do this by helping  businesses use Ai  to optimise their marketing, operations, customer service processes and data analysis (the repetitive bits)

Our team of experts enable businesses to use cutting-edge Ai tools through Ai opportunity assessments,  vendor selection and implementation, so you can focus on growth.(the rewarding bits)

Welcome to Delegaite, the Aagency that gives you agency over Ai..

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Our Ai agency can help your business with data-led, Ai projects

The lightening fast adoption of Ai by almost every industry is exciting and  overwhelming in equal measures. We stay ahead of the curve so you don't have to

Factoring in budget, resource, competitor landscape and existing infrastructure is key to mapping out an Aroadmap and which tools are the right fit for your company. 

Here are some scenarios Delegaite can help with. 

Overwhelmed by Ai?

Ai can mean different things  to different people. That's exciting,  yet  equally overwhelming .

We'll simplify the tools, processes and language around Ato get you  ahead of your competitors 

We'll help you make sense of Afor your business. 

Suffer from analysis paralysis?

There are so many data points for businesses to track,  but so what?

We'll ensuring the right stakeholders get the data which will help them take action to drive the business forward. 

Turning your organisation into a data led, insight driven company fast.

Setup Ai powered marketing and SEO strategies 

Has your marketing activity turned into a never ending content creation engine , just to try to get to the top of Google?

Well the good news is, times are changing. The focus will shift to personalised experiences for your prospects and focussing  on influencer, customer and partner marketing strategies.


Content is no longer king. Relationships are back to sit on the throne.

Setup Chatbots to deal with enquires 

You do not need to be  spending  valuable time, money and resources on prospects which are unlikely to convert.

There's a better way.   

Set up systems and chatbots allowing you to spend more time on building quality pipe and converting your  warm leads  .

Accelerate sales pipeline with Ai

We'll automate your prospecting, finding you potential customers with the highest propensity to purchase .

Focus on having engaging conversations and convert more prospects with personalised conversations, efficient sales processes and  a data led sales methodology . 

We'll find the gaps in your funnel and use Ato fix them. 

Automate workflows and processes

We'll identify tasks that can be delegated to Aand where efficiencies can be introduced.


We wont stop there.


We'll also tell you how best to reallocate that resource so your business can grow exponentially.

And remember, we don't get rid of  your staff and replace it with Ai. We're not here to do that. 

Increase customer satisfaction 

Your resources are overstretched and as a result you have overlooked arguably the most important part of your business, your existing customer base.

We'll help free up your resource and  build systems which prioritise customer engagement, ensuring customer satisfaction and sentiment increases. 

Our data-led Ai consultancy will help you delegate. 

Get in touch to discuss your ai/ data project

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